Airport Outfits & Travel Essentials For Jetsetters
Airport Outfits & Travel Essentials For Jetsetters

Airport Outfits & Travel Essentials For Jetsetters

Wherever you go, make sure to keep up with your style, jet-setting doesn’t mean going out of style. Staying in the loop with what’s hot on the runway and what’s selling at the airport means that you will never be caught unwearing anything.

Here are some tips for packing your suitcase and winning at airport fashion:

– Pick a color story! If you’re planning a vacation in Europe or Asia pick two or three colors that compliment each other to give those outfits a chic look. Think of it as building a color wheel before you pack.

– Choose fabrics that can be worn in different seasons, like cotton and linen. This way you can wear your travel clothes even when you’re not on the road!

– Avoid patterns and bright colors because these will make it harder for you to mix and match your outfits, plus they’re harder to clean and will fade when exposed to sunlight.

– Mix solid and patterned pieces, but be careful with what pattern goes with what solid piece. For example, a large-scale pattern can be overpowering when paired with a small-scale solid.

– Wear strap tops with skirts, jeans and wide legged pants for airport style. This is because straps create a nice silhouette that’s flattering for nearly all body types.

– Wear your favorite everyday shoes with dresses, pants and skirts and accessorize the outfit with a belt or scarf.

– Never wear a dress that you can’t easily tuck into your carry on luggage. Airport fashion is all about comfort, and if you have to change clothes every time you need to go through security, you’ll soon find yourself asking, “Why do I even bother?”

– Wear jackets and coats casually. For a relaxed look, choose a jacket that has the same color as your sweater or pants. This way you can simply unzip your jacket and wear it without any problems.