15 Great Bucket Hats For Men To Wear In 2022
15 Great Bucket Hats For Men To Wear In 2022

15 Great Bucket Hats For Men To Wear In 2022


In 2022, men are expected to have more casual clothing in their wardrobes. It’s no longer the time of the suit and tie; instead, men are embracing clothing that is lighter and less formal. The trend continues among millennials who don’t see the need to always wear an expensive suit or even a traditional clean-cut white dress shirt. With this new shift in wardrobe, it’s only appropriate that outfits make an impact as well by wearing a hat with an interesting shape or color design.

The following are 15 bucket hats for men to wear in 2022.

1) Wicked Bucket Hat is a classic bucket hat, first produced in 1918 by the United Hatters of America. The hat looks similar to the straw hat with a wide brim. Today, the hat is offered in a full range of colors, including black and white.

2) The Clydesdale Hat is a colorful bucket hat with an interesting shape that makes this an excellent choice for those who are interested in fashion. The hat is perfect for both casual and formal wear.

3) The El Capitan Hat is a necessary fashion accessory for leading men. When worn by a man, the hat can add an interesting look to the overall attire. The hat comes with two different lines of stitching that add to its overall appeal. The baseball cap style makes it a smart choice for various events and activities, including indoor parties and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

4) The Stetson Hat is a cowboy hat that was first worn by the American cowboy at the beginning of the 20th century. It has been manufactured in America since 1883 and has been a mainstay for traditional men’s hats ever since. This hat is made from a variety of materials such as acrylic, wool, and cotton. The hat comes in various colors including black, brown, gray, and white.

5) The Military Style Bucket Hat.

6) The Fedora Hat

7) The Bygone Era Fedora Hat

8) The Bushman Hat

9) The Bygone Era Bushman Hat

10) The Boonie Hat

11) The Bygone Era Boonie Hat

12) The Explorer Hat

13) The Bygone Era Explorer’s Hat

14) The Firefighter Bucket Hat

15) The Bygone Era Firefighter Bucket Hat


In the year 2022, men can still wear formal clothing such as a suit and tie. However, they can also wear less formal clothing as long as it looks great and doesn’t fall short of the overall attire. These are some styles to consider when choosing a hat for an outfit.