Top Color Palettes
Top Color Palettes

Top Color Palettes

The design world is a colorful place. A single color can be the touch that brings your whole space together, or it can be the central focus of an entire room. And more often than not, you want that single color to work with other colors in your home or office to create a balanced and cohesive palette.

To help you get started, we’ve assembled 5 gorgeous color palettes to give you some ideas for combining colors.

1. Current Colors: Warm, Cool, Neutral

This palette makes use of the cool and warm colors that you can find in nature – reds and oranges for the warm palette and blues for the cool palette. The neutral group includes neutrals such as grays, whites, black and beiges.

2. Color Palette: Springs, Shades, and Neutrals

This paint palette includes colors from the spring and summer seasons as well as a variety of neutral shades. You can use these colors on your walls or on accenting items in the room.

3. Calvin Klein Color Palettes Blue and White – White is a great color choice for an easy going look that can work in any space. The other colors in the palette will give you plenty of options for a variety of design styles.

4. 5-Color Palette: Teal, Gold, Copper, Purple and Gray

This 5-color palette is perfect for a sophisticated and elegant look that would work well in a living room or study. The light teal wall color will stand out beautifully against the dark gray furniture pieces while the gold and copper accents will pop just as easily.

5. 5-Color Palette: Navy, Gray, White, Gold and Purple

A great way to give your room a very feminine look, this 5-color palette uses some of the softer neutrals that teal and white already feature as well as some bolder shades. This palette would also work well in a bathroom or nursery setting.